Feb. 18, Friday Feb. 19, Saturday
Monteith Research Center (MRC) 136 Keystone Science Center
NCSU Centennial Campus, 1791 Varsity Drive, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27695.
Raleigh, NC 27695.


Aranya Chakrabortty
Frank Mueller

Speaker List

Sumit Roy University of Washington
Bruce McMillin Missouri S&T
Deepa Kundur Texas A&M University
Steven Low California Institute of Technology
Manimaran Govindarasu Iowa State University
Sami Ayyorgun Telcordia Technologies
Bruno Sinopoli Carnegie Mellon University
Tariq Samad Honeywell
Sean Meyn University of Illinois
Rakesh Bobba
Information Trust Institute (ITI) at University of Illinois
George Michailidis University of Michigan
Zafer Sahinoglu Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
Eva Wu SUNY Binghampton
Marina Thottan Alcalent Lucent Research Laboratory
David Bertagnolli ISO New England
Laurel Vernado North Carolina Solar Center

NCSU Faculty Speakers:
Michael Devetsikiotis, Mark Johnson, Alex Dean, Frank Mueller, Mo-Yuen Chow, Aranya Chakrabortty, Subhashish Bhattacharya



Workshop Theme

Prompted by several recent catastrophes such as the US Northeast blackout of 2003 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 together with the Energy Act of 2007, the term smart grid has become almost ubiquitous across the world as an entirely new technology that requires tremendous amount of inter-disciplinary research at the interface of control, communications and computing. The objective of this workshop is to initiate a dialogue between computer scientists, network theorists and power engineers to address such research challenges from a common platform through interactive discussions and brainstorming. Leading researchers from both academia and industry will present their cross-cutting research with topics ranging from wide-area monitoring, cyber-security, distributed computing and network control in transmission-level power systems to smart metering and decision-making for residential-level energy management. The overall motivation of the meeting will be to understand how diverse applications of cyber-physical system theory in smart grids can be integrated into a collective research framework, and how the analog and discrete research communities in North America can co-ordinate their expertise through this framework for making tomorrow's cyber-integrated energy infrastructure a success.

Primary Sponsors

NCSU Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) Program
FREEDM Systems Center
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, NCSU


There is no registration fee for the workshop. Presentations are by invitation only. If anyone is interested in attending the meeting, please contact Dr. Chakrabortty at achakra2@ncsu.edu