ECE 451: Power Systems Analysis

NC State University, Fall 2013

Instructor: Dr. Aranya Chakrabortty

Class hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 8.05 am- 9.20 am, EB II 1229

Office hours: Monday 3pm- 5 pm, Keystone 100-26.

Textbook: Power Systems Analysis, Grainger & Stevenson, McGraw Hill


Syllabus: click here


Lecture notes


Introductory lecture presentation

Lecture notes 1: Review of fundamentals I

Lecture notes 2: Review of fundamentals II, phasor diagrams for balanced 3-phase AC circuits

Lecture notes 3: Single-phase AC transformers, phasor diagrams

Lecture notes 4: Equivalent circuit of 1-phase transformer, SP & PS circuit diagrams

Lecture notes 5: Numerical problems on SP circuits, 3-phase transformers

Lecture notes 6: 3-phase transformers (cont’d), Scott transformer, Autotransformer

Lecture notes 7: Transformers with Unbalanced load, all possible star-delta-load combinations

Lecture notes 8: Synchronous generators, equivalent circuits

Lecture notes 9: Constant active power locus of a sync gen, Introduction to Network Admittance matrix

Lecture notes 10: Admittance matrix calculation

Lecture notes 11: Incidence matrix and admittance matrix

Lecture notes 12: Gaussian elimination, Matlab code

Lecture notes 13: Kron reduction of admittance matrix, numerical problems

Lecture notes 14: Power flow analysis

Lecture notes 15: Gauss-Siedel algorithm, PV and PQ buses

Lecture notes 16: Newton Raphson method

Lecture notes 17: NR algorithm for PV buses, Matlab code for 3-bus system, Matlab for 4-bus example, solutions to numerical problems

Lecture notes 18: Fast decoupled load flow

Lecture notes 19: Symmetrical Components, Fortesque’s theorem

Lecture notes 20: Single-line to ground faults

Lecture notes 21: Line-line faults, Double line to ground faults

Lecture notes 22: Symmetrical faults, fault current from Z-bus

Lecture notes 23: Fault calculations

Lecture notes 24: Economic Dispatch

Lecture notes 25: Unit commitment, constrained optimization, numerical problems


Guest lecture on Load Flow: John O’ Connor, Duke Energy Progress


Sample Problems on Y-bus: problem set, solutions

Sample Problems on Faults: problem set



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