Acoustic Communication for Down-Hole Oil and Gas Well Applications

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This project focuses on evaluating and adapting our previously developed ultrasonic communication systems (from the RaPTEX project) for use in oil and gas wells. The goal is to demonstrate a system which can reliably communicate over distances of up to 20,000 feet using a multihop network. This project is funded by Weatherford International.

RaPTEX: Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Communication Systems

Many embedded systems rely upon communication systems to exchange information and coordinate activities in spatially distributed applications. Developing communication systems which are quick, reliable, energy-efficient and error-free is a challenge due to the many trade-offs which must be made. Furthermore, software implementations are typically inefficient due to how they are written.

This project is developing new ways to develop and implement communication protocols for embedded networks using a building-block approach. A tool (RaPTEX) is being developed which offers a collection of commonly used protocol components which the developer tunes and interconnects as needed for the application. The tool then generates an efficient program from these components using various optimizations, including software thread integration. The tool also estimates protocol performance and computational requirements, allowing system designers to have quick feedback on the impact of design decisions.

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