The project goal is two-fold: First we aim to identify a fundamental problem for reliable and secure FREEDM, which includes the communication requirements for the FREEDM intelligent energy management nodes and intelligent fault management nodes, and putting together, as an intelligent systems which are connected via off-the-shelf communication product, to categorize and formulate the optimal design problem to satisfy different applications, and to provide guidelines of the state-of-art communication and networking facilities.  In other words, the outcome of this project will be able to make contributions to the body of knowledge regarding FREEDM as a showcase of SmartGrid. At the meantime, our result is expected to identify new research problems for general area of communication, security, and networking.

Second, we aim to provide a unified platform in the newly established FREEDM center such that a straightforward demonstration of DNP3 SCADA of SST. Our ultimate goal is to perform a networking test with IEM RTDS in FSU, RTDS in Keystone center, and SST together, with possibility to connect with IEM simulations in MS&U as well. In such a way, we are able to provide satisfactory results with respect to NSF site visit review.