The Benchmark Archives at CBL

There are several generations of benchmark sets.

The first generation started with the ISCAS'85 set that was initially distributed via magnetic tapes, first mailed from BNR, later from MCNC. In the next few years, this set was expanded with benchmark sets from ISCAS'89 and a series of ACM/SIGDA-sponsored workshops. Several grants from ACM/SIGDA also provided the support for mailing of tapes and for maintaining the benchmarks on an MCNC ftp server. By 1995, the benchmark archives were moved to the current web server at NCSU. If you cite benchmarks from the set below, please cite them as "ACM/SIGDA benchmarks", and not as "MCNC benchmarks". New generations of benchmark sets have been evolving during 1996--2010. Some of these sets can be found here: For links to a new home page on the rBed experimental environment, articles, and results, under construction since 2011, click here.

Franc Brglez