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2016 ICPC Regional Contest Site at NC State

The 2016 Mid-Atlantic regional contest will be held on Saturday, November 5. We have a small site, but we're gradually increasing capacity as we more teams choose to compete at our site, and as we figure out how to best use our facilities. If you have questions, feel free to contact David Sturgill dbsturgi@ncsu.edu, the site director at NC State.

We'll have a few teams competing at NC State, but we are just one site in a much larger contest. Teams at our site will be competing with about 160 other teams from universities in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, southern New Jersey, North Carolina, eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The top-placing teams in this contest will advance to ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, which will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota, May 20-25, 2017. For more information, see the Mid-Atlantic Regional Programming Contest Homepage and The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.


Registration for the Mid-Atlantic contest is managed centrally. Visit the main Mid-Atlantic Contest Homepage to get started registering your teams.

Contest Schedule

All events at the NC State site will take place in Daniels Hall, the former home of the Computer Science Department and still the location of some of our public labs. We'll be following a schedule of events similar to the other sites in our region:

Contest Environment

For the contest, each team will get to use a desktop PC running Ubuntu 16.04. For submissions, we will be using the web interface for PC Squared. On the day of the contests, teams will receive a handout with additional information about using the contest environment and logging in on PC Squared.

Directions from I-40 Eastbound

If you're heading east on I-40, take Exit 289 to Wade Avenue. After about two miles on Wade, Exit onto I-440 West / US-1 South. Almost immediately, you'll take Exit 3 and then turn left onto Hillsborough Street. Drive east on Hillsborough Street until you reach a traffic circle and turn right onto Pullen Rd. Drive south on Pullen for about a tenth of a mile and you'll reach another traffic circle where you can turn right onto Stinson Road. After driving about a quarter of a mile into campus on Stinson, you'll see Daniels Hall on your right.

Directions from I-40 Westbound

If you're heading West on I-40, take Exit 298B. Turn right onto Saunders Street. After traveling north for about half a mile, you will exit for MLK / Western Blvd. Turn left onto MLK/Western Blvd, drive about a mile west and then exit and turn right onto Pullen Rd. In less than half a mile, you'll reach a traffic circle. Turn onto Stinson Rd from the the circle and drive about a quarter of a mile into campus until you see Daniels Hall on your right.


NC State doesn't enforce parking restrictions on the weekend, so you should have lots of parking options near Daniels Hall. Just make sure you don't park in a space labeled as being reserved outside the regular enforcement hours.

The following Google map highlights Daniels Hall (in red) and the some of the places you should be able to find parking (in blue). If you follow the directions for getting to campus, you should be driving in along the yellow arrow. There's on-street parking on many of the roads near Daniels. There are also some larger lots farther away to the south and southeast. Many of these streets are one-way, so you may have to circle around if you miss a good space.

Map of campus around Daniels hall, with parking areas highlighted.