Dror Baron: Getting started in latex
Several students, collaborators, and friends have asked me how to get started in Latex. Instead of repeating the emails, I hope to organize the tips in an easily accesible format below.

Latex is a very simple programming language, a bit similar to HTML. Latex is primarily used in the science and engineering community to write documents that contain lots of equations, but can be used for other purposes too.

An example of Latex in action (from my first conference paper in 1999) can be accessed via zip or tar.gz formats. Please note that this somewhat old example used "bibitem" entries in the Latex source. It is more sophisticated to use a "bibtex" file, which is a sort of repository of all the papers you have cited over the years. Then, each paper can cite entries within the bibtex file, and an extra "compilation phase" creates the bibitem entries into an appropriately arranged file. Additionally, using bibtex has the advantage that citations appear in any order (alphabetical, chronological, etc.) that is appropriate for the publication being created. In the future I may add another Latex example that includes a bibtex file.
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