Dror Baron: Nevada (8.2001)

We continued from Utah to Nevada.

Our main destination was Las Vegas because my sister, the notorious architecture student, wanted to know what structures NOT to plan. Along the way to Las Vegas, I practiced my Elvis impersonation, and we saw some cactii from the car.

Eventually, we got to Las Vegas. However, the temperature was a sweltering 111F (44C). If you don't believe me, click the picture to see the enlarged version, along with temperature reading.

Because of the somewhat uncomfortable temperatures, we mostly stayed inside. We didn't gamble much (one dollar for the entire family), but saw the impressive underground shopping areas (too dark for taking pictures). However, we did wander between the casinos. Some of the interesting architecture appears above.

At night, the temperatures cooled down to a comfortable 95F (35C). It was so dry that it truly was quite comfortable. We wandered outside a bit, and the amusing architectural spectacles were well lit.

Some casinos also claim to cater to children. At least on the outside...

From Las Vegas, we continued southeast to Hoover dam, which is on the border with Arizona. We took a tour through the dam, including this view from the lower water level.

And that's the concrete part of the dam.

Of course we also strolled along the upper part of the dam. The previous picture is a look from the top looking down. You can see that the Colorado river sculpted quite a canyon. Unfortunately, the temperatures on that day were also uncomfortably hot, and we became dehydrated and exhausted quickly. Accordingly, we headed back north to Utah.

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