Dror Baron: West Virginia (6.2001)

I drove over to the ISIT conference in Washington, DC, in order to enjoy the scenery and see the sights. West Virginia was probably my favorite state, owing largely to its being less flat than Illinois...

The coal mining industry is well established in West Virginia and south-west Pennsylvania. My fondness of caves, and the bears that occupy them, is well known, so I wanted to see what a coal mine looks like. Hence, I went to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine.

Wanting to get a glimpse of the scenery, and possibly a bit of hiking, I went to New River Gorge National River. They claim that their whitewater is the best on the East coast, and parallels the Western states, but I didn't see too much bubbly water. I was more pleased with the walk to the peak of the mountain :-)

My need for caves overcame everything, so I went to the Lost World Caverns. Unfortunately, these require two miles on a dirt road, after already being in a relatively remote location.

On my way back from the conference, I went to see the waterfalls at Blackwater Falls State Park.

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