Dror Baron: Gettysburg (6.2001)

On my way back from the ISIT conference in Washington, DC, I drove north to Gettysburg, where I toured the celebrated battlefield. To get you up to date, at the height of the Confederacy's power, a month after a victorious battle at Chancellorsville, Virginia, General Lee marched his army north into Pennsylvania. On July 1, 1863, near Gettysburg, his forces met Union forces, who held their positions throughtout most of the day. During the night, the Union's General Meade amassed his army. On July 2, General Lee struck again, attacking the two extremeties of Meade's huge column. Union forces held on to strategic Little Round Top. Finally, on July 3, with the last push for victory, Lee struck right in the middle of Meade's forces. Once the famous Pickett's charge was subdued, the southern morale was crushed.
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