Dror Baron: California (11.2002,5.2003)

I visited California in November 2002 and June 2003. Most of the pictures are here; there is also a special Yosemite page with some shots from that breathtaking place. We begin with a view of the Napa valley (11.2002).

Next, some images from San Jose (11.2002).

I also hiked at Pinnacles national monument, where the following monoliths appear (11.2002).

I also visited Stinson beach with Prakash Ishwar (6.2003).

I also met some friends. Yael and Joey appear below (5.2003).

Finally, I also saw the TV (Tsachy Weissman, pronounced with a "V") and the younger appliance (Gil Weissman) (left: 11.2002, right: 6.2003). Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures with Tsachy's wife Ravit.

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