Dror Baron: Michigan (08.2002)

We began our Michigan visit in the Keweenaw penninsula, which juts out of Michigan's upper penninsula into the dark blue waters of Lake Superior. My father, who had spent several months in Italy, identified the true name of this body of water as "Lago Superiore" :-)

We also saw the Pictured Rocks national lakeshore, which features colored rock formations

and has dazzling colored waters, as shown near the "Castle Rock" formation below.

The eastern portion of the upper penninsula features the Tahquamenon Falls state park, which offers several large waterfalls.

Sault St. Marie is located in the north-east corner of the upper peninsula. This town features some massive locks. A cruise ship is shown below at the two extreme elevations offered by these locks.

We briefly visited Mackinaw Island, which is a somewhat old-fashioned place, where transportation is achieved via bicycle and horse-carriages. These historic features can be seen in the picture below, along with my father using his camera, and my mother consulting a tour-book.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes national lakeshore has some large sand-covered cliffs that slope into the waters of Lake Michigan. There is quite a lot of vegetation bordering the dunes.

The name would suggest that there are also some sand dunes in the park; my father enjoyed running down one of them.

Some other things we saw in Michigan were many sea gulls

and a nice bridge in Benton Harbor, a town along the south-west shores of Lake Michigan.

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