Dror Baron: New York vicinity (11.2001,2.2002)

In November 2001 my mother and I attended a wedding in New York. The bride is on the far left below.

I took several pictures at the wedding itself. The one below (Brenda and Walter Cahn) was most natural.

In February 2002, my mother and I returned to the "big apple". As this was not too long after the September 2001 attacks, we had to go view the site.

The world trade center had been located in the financial district. As an economics professor, of course my mother had to pose in front of the stock exchange. Note the American flag on the marble columns.

At the time, the stock market was in a decline, but the famous bull was still standing nearby, in the heart of the financial district.

We also visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Just like the financial district has its raging bull, the museum has another ferocious mammal!

An amazing spectacle at the museum is a large hall dedicated to the preservation of an ancient Egyptian temple.

We concluded our New York city excursion at the Time square.

We also visited Brenda and Walter (see picture above) in New Haven. The Yale campus is beautiful.

The library has an interesting architectural form, wherein an internal courtyard connects two (previously separate) buildings.

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