Dror Baron: Wyandotte Caves (07.2002)

We drove to southern Indiana, where we traversed a beautiful byway along the Ohio river, and visited the Wyandotte caves. In the picture below, Prasad and Ashvin can be seen entering the cave. Of course they were somewhat disoriented by the cold and arid interior, which was somewhat different from the hot humid weather that we had experienced all day.

Here Prasad can be seen taking a closer look at some rock formations.

Overall, it seems that Prasad is a fan of cool arid weather, and he was overjoyed in the cave.

Of course, dark caves are not the natural surroundings of these Indian gentleman, who are accustomed to the blistering sun. Ashvin and Prasad were relieved to make it back to daylight.

On the way back home, we also stopped several times alongside the Ohio river. It definitely has some water.

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