Dror Baron: Wisconsin Dells (06.2002)

Prasad, Ashvin, and I drove north to Wisconsin to see the Wisconsin Dells. These are rock formations that were sculpted by the Wisconsin river.

The layers of stone are quite impressive.

On the waterway there were also many additional passengers.

Unfortunately, we went there on a warm day (the high approached 95F or 35C), and as the tour consists of riding a boat on the river, the humidity made it aweful. In the picture below, Prasad and I are sustaining the humidity by sipping some soda.

The Dells also feature the "Witch's Gultch", a canyon that feeds into the river. The canyon is covered in moss and was remarkably cool during the blistering summer heat.

Prasad was particularly pleased by the relatively cool temperatures, as shown below.

Finally, one cannot visit the Dells without seeing the "Standing Rock", and a poor canine who needs to jump onto the rock in order to entertain the tourists.

On the way back home, we stopped in Madiscon (the capitol of Wisconsin) for several hours. We were impressed by the handsome capitol building. Prasad and Ashvin were also somewhat tired after the long humid day, and relaxed on one of the starways leading to the building.

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