Dror Baron: Turkey Run (07.2002)

We drove to nearby Turkey Run state park in west-central Indiana. The park offers nice cliffs that were sculpted by a creek.

Many visitors traverse the park on canoe. The two adventurers, Prasad and Dr. George, can be seen rowing below.

While passersby row, row, row their boats, other tourists entertain themselves by diving into the water.

Of course, one cannot recall our excursions in these lovely waters without noting "The Incident", wherein our canoe toppled over in the water. In the picture below, which has great historic value, the two geneteleman can be seen rescuing our canoe from the turbulent murky waters. I must note that, as an outcome of the incident, Dr. George lost his digital camera, and Prasad lost his shoes. Fortunately for the viewer, my camera was intact.

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