Dror Baron: Arches (8.2003)

Having been thoroughly dehydrated at the Colorado National Monument, we needed to dry off in the sun. And what better location to do so than at Arches National Park?

Carrying massive amounts of water, we proceeded to the Delicate Arch.

The weather was much better than in Colorado, and we rapidly reached the magnificent arch. Here you can see the author of these pages in the center of things.

Armin also wanted a souvenir, here we go!

Another view shows that the Delicate Arch is positioned on a narrow sandstone ridge. One small earhtquake (or additional erosion) and we may have a problem during our next visit. Indeed, in 2008 another well-known arch sadly retired.

But there is more to Arches than the Delicate Arch. There is ancient art.

And there are more arches, including this rather wide one.

There are also interesting rock formations.

You might notice in the latter photos that it was getting dark. Although I had visited some of these arches in 2001 (photographic evidence here), we wanted to see some more, as shown below.

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