Dror Baron: Colorado National Monument (8.2003)

The Colorado National Monument is so close to the border with Utah that on a good day Armin might close the gap in one mighty leap. But the day we went there was perhaps less ideally suited for outdoor excursions. At the visitor center we were kindly informed that the Monument Canyon trail we had considered was not really recommended in 98 degree temperatures (36 degrees Celsius).

The heros of these pages nonetheless attempted the descent, carrying over 1.5 gallons (6 liters) of refreshing liquids. As mentioned on the Nebraska page of our Western Tour, Armin is well known to be a horse, and his massive appetite for water was nicely proved on this occasion. Less than an hour into the expedition, we had consumed almost half the water. Jumping between mighty rocks, panting in the sweltering heat, avoiding the occasional flying dinosaur (the reader may note some exaggerations here), it was not easy. After additional deliberations and giving the canyon some time to level off, which it did not, we returned.

We leave the enthusiastic reader with a view of the Coke Ovens.

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