Dror Baron: Black Canyon of the Gunnison (8.2003)

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison needs no introduction. Or does it? Among the steepest, deepest, and generally biggest canyons in North America, it is nonetheless somewhat less famous than some other "crown jewels" of the National Park Service. Yet when Sir Armin and I got out of the car and dipped our heads over the canyon rim, we were in awe.

While walking around on the plateau high above the river floor, little do you suspect that you are close to a natural wonder. Surrounded by grass, trees, flowers, and an occasional stray deer whose photo did not come out well, everything is tranquil and peaceful. Yet in the distance, if you listen closely, you may hear the quiet rumble of water far below.

Over millenia, the Gunnison river has carved a majestic gorge. Almost 2,000 feet deep, and so steep that the walls of the canyon are almost black - this is quite a sight!

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