Dror Baron: Southern road-trip 2003 (4.2003)

On our way south, we passed near Vienna, IL (named after the Austrian capital). Armin mentioned that the locals call it "Vina" in a southern drawl, and was wondering how they call nearby Dongola (originally in Sudan). We stopped there and asked one of the locals. Armin can fill you in on the details - I was too busy trying not to laugh.
The next location of prominent geographic value was Cairo, IL (originally in Egypt); the local dialect calls it "K-row". As we were headed for Memphis, we started improvising an Elvis-like song:

We went to K-row to meet the Fey-row,

Now we'll see Elvis in Memphis,

And Elvis is the king,

And that's just like a Fey-row!

After passing by Memphis (downcast day, no worthwhile pictures), our next destination was Nashville.

After that, we wandered around on some rural roads. Armin kept complaining about the "colonials" (German dialect for Americans). One gem that Armin muttered on a rough stretch of interstate highway was, "Not only do these stupid colonials not know how to drive, they don't even know how to construct roads". And they don't even know how to post logical traffic signals, as indicated below!

In short, Armin had a problem with the "colonial" traffic regulations, and was using his brand new car to break some speed records. I will not reveal where these snapshots were taken, in order to prevent the "colonial highway pirates" (Arminesque for "police") from catching him.

Next, we visited Fort Donelson national battlefield (TN). This was a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War. One formidable cannon appears below.

We also posed with a cannon. I also want to point that Armin's Bismark-like appearance scared many of the locals.

Armin and I can be seen peeping out of Civil-war-era log cabins below. Note the size of these things.

Before heading home, we visited the Land Between the Lakes recreation area. We saw several buffalos, including this shaggy guy whose beard put Armin to shame!

We also hiked around a swamp,

where there were many interesting flowers.

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