Dror Baron: Yosemite (5.2003)

I went to Yosemite national park with my dear friend Prakash Ishwar, a postdoc at Berkeley.

As we approached the park, Dr. Ishwar, who had already visited there several times, noted that the amounts of water were startling. Indeed, it was late May, and the snow thaw from the Sierra Nevada peaks was at its height. Below you can see Prakash next to a turbulent stream.

As we entered the park, we saw the magnificent waterfalls. We hiked towards two of the falls; the massive amounts of water, along with the brisk wind, sprayed the mist a long way. In short, we got soaked.

Of course we also paused to view the famous Yosemite falls.

We took an hour-long hike to view the Mirror Lake. Prakash claims that the waters there are usually very tranquil, providing a near-mirror reflection of the surrounding mountains. When we were there, the reflection was still pretty good.

We then ascended (by car) to the top of one of the mountains, and were rewarded by several breathtaking scenic views.

We concluded our visit with some magnificent trees. First, some massive Sequoia trees.

I also posed inside a "tunnel tree".

Finally, if any of you ever wondered how redwood trees got their name, now you will know, courtesy of Dr. Ishwar. Note that the redwoods, although quite tall, do not have the girth of the mighty Sequoias.

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