Dror Baron: Texas (9.2005)

Some photos from a trip when my mother visited me in September 2005. We went mostly to places in Texas, yet started in Louisiana, where we saw this charming alligator.

The interesting feature of this animal was that we had walked along a so-called "alligator alley" and not seen any locals. Having complained with disappointment that the name was a hoax intended to mislead naive tourists, I was hugely entertained when this dear reptile immediately jogged out of the bushes, as if wanting to prove how wrong it is to doubt the presence of these spectacular beasts. Our dear alligator friend had a big smile on his face, which is easily discernable in the photo above. Without giving us so much as a look, cool as a cucumber, he jogged straight back into the bushes.

Impressed by our first meeting with the alligator population, we wanted to see more in Brazos Bend State Park in Texas. Not only did we see more alligators but various flowers, birds, and other locals.

Onward to San Antonio, where this hungry youngster was protecting his food greedily.

My mother studying the famous Alamo Mission.

And another Spanish Mission near San Antonio.

The river walk area in San Antonio.

This bird seemed a bit disappointed, maybe the heat was not to its liking.

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