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Courses Taught

  • ECE 212: Fundamentals of Logic Design
  • ECE 463 / 521: Advanced Microprocessor Systems Design / Computer Design and Technology
    (a.k.a. Computer Architecture)
  • ECE 721: Advanced Microarchitecture

    ECE 721 is the Advanced Microarchitecture follow-on of ECE 521:
    • in-depth coverage of superscalar microarchitecture, followed by new microarchitecture paradigms;
    • content delivered by lectures and conference papers;
    • knowledge tested through quizzes, midterm exam, and final exam;
    • hands-on experience gained through C++ simulator projects using 721sim.

    ECE 721 final projects are traditionally based on 721sim, a detailed C++ superscalar processor simulator. In Spring'16, the ECE 721 final project may also require register-transfer-level (RTL) design and optimization of a superscalar processor using the FabScalar toolset, in a whole-class design effort. Therefore, (1) I need to ensure a broad mix of skills among student participants in the class, and (2) I need to keep the class size manageable so that I can adequately mentor individuals and teams, and ensure success of the whole-class design effort.

    Therefore, I need to manually admit students to meet the above constraints. If you are interested in ECE 721, please fill out the following questionnaire and I will let you know whether or not there is space. The questionnaire has several questions regarding RTL experience. Please do not be deterred from applying if you have none, as I am looking for a mix of skills but I need to be specific about RTL in the questionnaire. Questionnaire
    (If you do not have a GPA yet, you can leave the field blank or enter 0.)

    University-wide enrollment begins Oct. 20 and my goal is to make decisions within 2 weeks after that (but it may take longer). In the meantime, my advice to students is to initially enroll in enough courses to cover your bases without ECE 721. I will email all students that filled out the questionnaire with the admission decision (both admitted and not admitted). I will then provide the list of admitted students to staff in the ECE graduate office who will attempt to enroll each student manually. If they have a logistical problem enrolling a student (too many credit hours, confict with time slot, etc.), the staff person will contact the student to resolve the logistical problem.