Research Interest

My research interests lie in software system reliability, with a focus on detecting, diagnosing, and fixing various kinds of software bugs.


  1. HangFix: Automatically Fixing Software Hang Bugsfor Production Cloud Systems (SoCC 2020) PDF
    Jingzhu He, Ting Dai, Xiaohui Gu, and Guoliang Jin.
  2. Database-Access Performance Antipatterns in Database-Backed Web Applications (ICSME 2020) PDF
    Shudi Shao, Zhengyi Qiu, Xiao Yu, Wei Yang, Guoliang Jin, Tao Xie, Xintao Wu.
  3. BARRIERFINDER: Recognizing Ad Hoc Barriers (EMSE 2020) PDF (This is an extended version of the ICSME 2019 paper)
    Tao Wang, Xiao Yu, Zhengyi Qiu, Guoliang Jin, and Frank Mueller.
  4. BARRIERFINDER: Recognizing Ad Hoc Barriers (ICSME 2019) PDF
    Tao Wang, Xiao Yu, Zhengyi Qiu, Guoliang Jin, and Frank Mueller.
  5. Semantics-Aware Scheduling Policiesfor Synchronization Determinism (PPoPP 2019) PDF
    Qi Zhao, Zhengyi Qiu, and Guoliang Jin.
  6. Dataflow Tunneling: Mining Inter-request Data Dependencies for Request-based Applications (ICSE 2018) PDF
    Xiao Yu and Guoliang Jin.
  7. CloudSeer: Workflow Monitoring of Cloud Infrastructures via Interleaved Logs (ASPLOS 2016) PDF
    Xiao Yu, Pallavi Joshi, Jianwu Xu, Guoliang Jin, Hui Zhang Guofei Jiang.
  8. What change history tells us about thread synchronization (FSE 2015) PDF
    Rui Gu, Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Linjie Zhu, Shan Lu.
  9. Automatic Server Hang Bug Diagnosis: Feasible Reality or Pipe Dream? (ICAC 2015) PDF
    Daniel Dean, Peipei Wang, Xiaohui Gu, William Enck, Guoliang Jin.
  10. Leveraging the Short-Term Memory of Hardware to Diagnose Production-Run Software Failures (ASPLOS 2014) PDF
    Joy Arulraj, Guoliang Jin, Shan Lu.
  11. Validating Library Usage Interactively (CAV 2013) PDF
    William R. Harris, Guoliang Jin, Shan Lu, Somesh Jha.
  12. Production-Run Software Failure Diagnosis via Hardware Performance Counters (ASPLOS 2013) PDF
    Joy Arulraj, Po-Chun Chang, Guoliang Jin, Shan Lu.
  13. Automated Concurrency-Bug Fixing (OSDI 2012) PDF
    Guoliang Jin, Wei Zhang, Dongdong Deng, Ben Liblit, Shan Lu.
  14. Understanding and Detecting Real-World Performance Bugs (PLDI 2012) ACM DL Author-ize servicePDF
    Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Xiaoming Shi, Joel Scherpelz, Shan Lu.
  15. Automated Atomicity-Violation Fixing (PLDI 2011) ACM DL Author-ize servicePDF PPTX
    Won SIGPLAN CACM Research Highlights Nomination
    Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Wei Zhang, Shan Lu, Ben Liblit.
  16. ConSeq: Detecting Concurrency Bugs through Sequential Errors (ASPLOS 2011) ACM DL Author-ize servicePDF
    Wei Zhang, Junghee Lim, Ramya Olichandran, Joel Scherpelz, Guoliang Jin, Shan Lu, Thomas Reps.
  17. Instrumentation and Sampling Strategies for Cooperative Concurrency Bug Isolation (OOPSLA/SPLASH 2010) ACM DL Author-ize servicePDF PPTX
    Guoliang Jin, Aditya Thakur, Ben Liblit, and Shan Lu.


  • CSC246 - Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems (Fall'16, Fall'17, Spring'19, Spring'20, Fall'20)
  • CSC501 - Operating Systems Principles (Spring'15, Fall'15, Fall'17, Fall'18, Fall'19, Fall'20)
  • CSC591/791: Reliable Software Systems (Spring'16, Spring'17, Spring'18)


  • Qi Zhao
  • Shudi Shao
  • Zhengyi Qiu
  • Tao Wang (Co-advised with Frank Mueller, graduated in 2019, and now Post-doc at Stanford University)
  • Xiao Yu (graduated in 2018, and now at NEC Labs America)

Brief Bio

I got my Ph.D. from the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in December 2014. My advisor was Prof. Shan Lu. I also worked closely with Prof. Ben Liblit. Before this I spent my undergraduate years in the University of Science and Technology of China.

Contact Information

Office: EBII Room 3278
Mailing Address:
  Department of Computer Science
  North Carolina State University
  890 Oval Drive, Campus Box 8206
  Raleigh, NC 27695
Email: guoliang_jin at