In our lab, we are interested in identifying the engineering principles of tissue patterning in order to apply our knowledge to medicine, stem cell biology, and tissue engineering. These engineering principles are clearly present in every aspect of biology, and for good reason. Find out more...

Recent News

23 Sep

Sophie Carrell earns PhD

Today Sophie has defended her doctoral dissertation! Sophie has published a paper on the microscopy of embryo cross sections, and has another paper on the formation of the Dorsal gradient under revision (see here). She also initiated other projects, including how the relative dosages of Dorsal and Cactus affect patterning and how the Dorsal pathway interacts with the Dpp pathway. Congratulations Dr Carrell!

19 Aug

Ashley Jermusyk publishes paper on synthetic network

Former PhD student and recent graduate Ashley Jermusyk (now a postdoc at the NCI) just had her paper accepted for publication in BMC Systems Biology. She created, analyzed, and refined a synthetic negative feedback loop in the early Drosophila melanogaster embryo. Read more here. Congratulations Ashley!

25 Feb

Ashley Jermusyk earns PhD

Ashley has successfully defended her PhD work! In her time in my lab, she worked on several different projects, including a synthetic negative feedback loop, natural variation of gene expression patterns, and ribozyme-mediated control of gene expression. Congratulations Dr Jermusyk!

29 Jan

Sophie Carrell wins 3rd place at the Schoenborn Symposium

Sophie has won the third place prize at the Schoenborn Symposium for her talk on the formation of the Dorsal gradient in the early Drosophila embryo. The Schoenborn Symposium is an annual research symposium showcasing the body of graduate research in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering here at NC State. Congratulations Sophie!

19 Jan

Dr. Reeves and Dr. Curtis Hrischuk publish review paper

Dr. Reeves has published a a review paper in the Computational Biology Journal on the relationship between the fields of systems engineering and systems biology. The crucial observation is that cells constitute embedded computing systems. Check it out!

15 Sep

Ashley Jermusyk publishes chapter on transcription factor networks

Ashley has published a review chapter in the Encyclopedia of Cell Biology. Congratulations Ashley!

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A gradient of nuclear concentration of the transcription factor Dorsal (upper) induces gene expression fates (lower) in the early Drosophila embryo. Images are cross sections. Taken in the Stathopoulos lab.