Greg Reeves

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC


Etika Goyal


Christopher McCallough


Sophia Webster


Ph.D. Students

Prasad Bandodkar

Ph.D. Student

Elle Rooney

Ph.D. Student

Allison Schloop

Ph.D. Student

Masters Students

Shiva Akhlagi

Masters Student

Undergraduate Researchers

Abigail Ayers

Undergraduate Student

Lauren Mathis

Undergraduate Student

Rohan Sukhija

Undergraduate Student

Samuel Tucker

Undergraduate Student

Lab Alumni

Former Ph.D. Students

Thomas Jacobsen (graduated 05-2019), currently with KBI

Ashley Jermusyk (graduated 02-2016), currently a postdoc at the NIH

Sophie Carrell (graduated 09-2016)

Former Masters Students

Sandhya Venkatakrishnan (graduated 12-2019)

Stacy Ingram (graduated 12-2018)

Jingjing Gong (graduated 05-2013), currently a graduate student at Colorado School of Mines

Silu Zhang, masters student (graduated 05-2013), currently a graduate student at UT Dallas

Former Undergraduate Students

Graduated 2019

Gloria Yi

David Markun

Tanner Roseborough

Graduated 2018

Ainsley Potter

Caleb Ocampo

Graduated 2017

Ross Garner, currently working at Merck

Tanner Rathbone, currently Ph.D. student at Clemson

Graduated 2016

Spencer Mcleod

Paul Archer, currently Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech

Paetra Muller, currently working at Biogen

Stephanie Smith, currently working at Medicago

Aslesha Tingare, currently working on a Masters in Biomedical Science at Indiana University.

Graduated 2015

Amy Allen, currently a graduate student at UNC

Phillip Bowman

Clayton Carey, currently working at Merck

Sarah Gharavi, currently working at Merck

Reina Lemus, currently working at Baxalta

Daniel Needs, currently a graduate student at Duke University

Corey Parks, currently working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Kishan Patel

Seth Rudd, currently working at Merck

Graduated 2014

Joshua Chappell, currently working at Deloitte

Jeramey Friedman

Nick Murphy, currently a graduate student at the University of Virginia

Ethan Simmons, currently working at Bridgestone Americas

Alex Thomas, currently a graduate student at the University of Washington

Graduated 2013

Lauren Cagley, currently working at Exxon

Mick Doriani, currently working at Exxon

Ida Githu

Ahmed Samy

Graduated 2012

Christy Carcillo, currently a graduate student at Pitt