Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
    Computer Science Department
    North Carolina State University


Dr. Perros's current research interests are in the areas of IoT analytics, resource allocation under QoS, and queueing theory.

Recent Publications

Printed Books


Conference Proceedings

  • First International Workshop on Queueing Networks with Blocking, (North Holland, 1989) Perros and Altiok, eds.
  • High speed communication networks. Proceedings of TriCom '92. (Plenum, 1992). Perros, ed.
  • Modelling and Performance Evaluation of ATM Technology Proceedings of a workshop organized in Martinique (North Holland, 1993). Pujolle, Perros, Takahashi, eds.
  • ATM networks and their performance, Proceedings of an Int. Conf., organized in Raleigh. (North Holland, 1994). Perros, Viniotis, eds.
  • Networking 2000, Proceedings Networking 2000, organized in Paris, May 14-19, 2000 (Springer-Verlag, 2000). Pujolle, Perros, Fdida, Korner, and Stavrakakis,eds.Cras bibendum, mi vitae pharetra tincidunt

Special Issues

  • Performance Evaluation J., special issue on: Queueing Networks with Finite Capacity Queues, 10 (1989), Guest Editors: I. Akyildiz and H.G. Perros.
  • Annals of Operations Research, vol 49, 1994: Special issue on: Methodologies for High Speed networks, Guest Editors: Onvural, Perros, and Pujolle.
  • Performance Evaluation J., special issue on: ATM networks and their performance. Guest Editors: Y. Viniotis and H.G. Perros.
  • Computer Network Journal, 2005, Special issue on: Optical Networks. Guest Editor: Harry Perros.
  • Telecommunication Systems Journal, 2005/6, Special issue on: Next Generation Networks - Architectures, Protocols, Performance. Guest Editors: Harry Perros and Guy Pujolle.Cras bibendum, mi vitae pharetra tincidunt