Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
    Computer Science Department
    North Carolina State University


Recent Publications

Printed Books


Conference Proceedings

  • First International Workshop on Queueing Networks with Blocking, (North Holland, 1989) Perros and Altiok, eds.
  • High speed communication networks. Proceedings of TriCom '92. (Plenum, 1992). Perros, ed.
  • Modelling and Performance Evaluation of ATM Technology Proceedings of a workshop organized in Martinique (North Holland, 1993). Pujolle, Perros, Takahashi, eds.
  • ATM networks and their performance, Proceedings of an Int. Conf., organized in Raleigh. (North Holland, 1994). Perros, Viniotis, eds.
  • Networking 2000, Proceedings Networking 2000, organized in Paris, May 14-19, 2000 (Springer-Verlag, 2000). Pujolle, Perros, Fdida, Korner, and Stavrakakis,eds.Cras bibendum, mi vitae pharetra tincidunt

Special Issues

  • Performance Evaluation J., special issue on: Queueing Networks with Finite Capacity Queues, 10 (1989), Guest Editors: I. Akyildiz and H.G. Perros.
  • Annals of Operations Research, vol 49, 1994: Special issue on: Methodologies for High Speed networks, Guest Editors: Onvural, Perros, and Pujolle.
  • Performance Evaluation J., special issue on: ATM networks and their performance. Guest Editors: Y. Viniotis and H.G. Perros.
  • Computer Network Journal, 2005, Special issue on: Optical Networks. Guest Editor: Harry Perros.
  • Telecommunication Systems Journal, 2005/6, Special issue on: Next Generation Networks - Architectures, Protocols, Performance. Guest Editors: Harry Perros and Guy Pujolle.Cras bibendum, mi vitae pharetra tincidunt