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Dr. Jessica Young Schmidt

Teaching Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessica Young Schmidt

Teaching Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Computer Science Education
  • Active Learning


Incorporating Active Learning into CSC116

Funding: NC State DELTA Course Redesign Grant - 2015 [$18,778]

CSC116 is a critical path course for the Computer Science (CSC) major; it is the first CSC course that CSC majors are required to take. The distance section of the course is offered through Engineering Online (EOL); CSC116 is the first required CSC course for EOL’s Computer Programming Certificate. There are several challenges with the course, including high DFUW rates, not having as much active learning during class time as we would like, and restraints of time in the classroom. The goal of the project is to introduce more active learning in the class through in-class exercises and lecture videos. We will also incorporate more real world examples into the course and discuss examples that show that computer science is not just programming. We will work collaboratively with instructional designers and other DELTA personnel to provide the highest quality resources for students.

The grant will be used to support PI Schmidt, other CSC116 instructors, and a student worker during the 2015-2016 academic year in the development of resources to support the creation of more active learning activities and the purchase of visual example supplies.

Incorporating Critical & Creative Thinking into CSC116

Funding: TH!NK Faculty Development [$2,500]

Summary: Participating as a TH!NK Faculty to incorporate Higher-Order Skills in Critical & Creative Thinking into CSC116 (


  • Ana Vila-Parrish, Tameshia Ballard Baldwin, Tzvetelina Battestilli, Hailey Queen, Jessica Young Schmidt, and Sue Carson. "TH!NK: A Framework to Assess and Support Critical and Creative Thinking," American Society for Engineering Education Proceedings, 2016.