General Info

Here are a few things I've written for my Freerunner that I'd like to share with anyone that might find them useful. I didn't know python before getting my Freerunner. These are really just thrown together to be functional - there wasn't much planning involved in written them. I really just wanted to get some things to work until something better came along. Feel free to take them and modify them as you wish, they are released completely openly without any licenses. There are several hard coded paths to my home directory (/home/jfthomps); you'll need to change these to match your own home directory.

IMAP Mail reader

This is just a simple app for reading email on an IMAP mail server. Its few features/limitations are: I'll probably add some more features to this whenever I have some time to hack on it some more. download pymail

config file:
pymail's config file is /home/jfthomps/.pymail.conf. It has five paramters per server:
NAME=my imap server
PASSWD=one ring to rule them all

General Control

This is a set of several programs that handle general stuff like launching apps, controling wifi, handling screen dimming and locking, etc. There are three main scripts. powerctl listens for presses on the power and aux buttons and launches and hides and matchbox-keyboard. There's also powerctl_wrapper that just watches to make sure powerctl is running, and if not, launches it again. A quick press on the aux button shows/hides the keyboard. A long press (2 seconds) shows/hides the script. There's also several small scripts that calls to do a few things. There are a few things that don't work correctly because I initialy developed this on 2007.2 and haven't updated them to work on Debian.

download powerctl
download powerctl_wrapper
Helper scripts:
download reset_mpd
download updateclock
download usbmode

download everything in a tarball