The Genzer group research interests include:
  • material self-assembly and directed assembly,
  • behavior of polymers at surfaces, interfaces, and in confined geometries.

While the core program of our research encompasses mostly various experimental approaches, in our work we also utilize simple chemical synthesis routes and computer simulation/theory. We collaborate closely with prominent chemists and theoreticians around the world on the latter two activities.

Our current research activities in the group can be broadly divided into the following main areas:

  • Synthesis and application of functional silicone elastomer networks and hydrogels;
  • Formation and structure of surface-grafted polymer assemblies;
  • Directed assembly of oligomers and polymers on elastomeric substrates;
  • Design and application of responsive soft materials;
  • Role of surface topography on adhesion and assembly of soft materials;
  • Reaction-diffusion processes in soft materials;
  • Formation and application of molecular and macromolecular gradients on substrates;
  • Surface functionalization of commercial thermoplastics;
  • Removal of volatile organic compounds, metals and toxins from contaminated waters.


May 2013 - New REU and summer exchange students (Zheijiang University) join our group

May 2013 - The group weekend retreat at the Topsail beach, NC was a great success.

May 2013 - The group attended the Triangle Soft Matter workshop

April 2013 - The group attends the April 2013 ACS meeting

April 2013 - We are hosting Prof. Dr. Svetlana Santer from the University of Potsdam

March 2013 - The group attends the March 2013 APS meeting

November 2013 - Three new graduate students, Eric Gawalt, Sean Steadley, and Gilbert Castillo, join the group. Welcome!


Our regular group meetings are on Mondays at 2:00 PM in Engineering Building 1, conference room 2018. Visitors are welcome to attend.