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Dr. Jason King

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Jason King

Assistant Teaching Professor


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Jason King is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. Jason’s research focuses on innovative technologies for facilitating computer science education. He is a three-time graduate of the NCSU Department of Computer Science, recieving his BS in 2009, MS in 2011, and PhD in 2016. Jason is actively contributing to several technologies in his courses, including:

  • Learning Objective Reports: individualized PDF files for students to report performance against course learning objectives
  • Jekyll templates for course materials: templates and utilities for presenting course materials using the Jekyll static website generator
    • embedding interactive H5P content in course materials for formative assessment of student learning
    • synchronizing course schedules via Google Calendar and Moodle Calendar
    • generating lecture material pages using YML, markdown, and Liquid
    • generating topic cover sheets with textbook readings and learning objectives using YML and PDFBox
  • Feedback file generator: script that generates student PDF feedback files from grades and feedback stored in a spreadsheet
  • Reusable gradesheet templates: reusable Google sheet templates for grading assignments


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  • PhD 2016 Computer Science, North Carolina State University
  • MS 2011 Computer Science, North Carolina State University
  • BS 2009 Computer Science, North Carolina State University


  • Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellent in Teaching and Learning with Technology (2018): Named in honor of Cox, who established the university’s distinguished Department of Statistics, the award recognizes the creative pedagogy of NC State’s faculty and technical staff and their work in integrating new technologies into effective teaching strategies.
  • Most Receptive Undergraduate Professor Outside of Class (2017-2018):