Michael Steer


University of Queensland , Australia - 1983, PhD in Electrical Engineering


Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Large-Signal Analysis of Nonlinear Microwave Devices
The research concerned the development of a technique for the analysis of nonlinear systems with large, multi-frequency inputs. The analysis is applicable to systems whose input-output characteristics can be described by a generalized power series with complex coefficients and time-delays. The technique was applied to the large-signal, multi-frequency analysis of mixers and parametric amplifiers and was verified experimentally with a mixer and with a microwave parametric amplifier.

University of Queensland , Australia - 1976, BE in Electrical Engineering

Professional Experience

2010–present Lampe Distinguished Professor
  North Carolina State University (NCSU), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2005–2010 Lampe Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1996–2005 Professor, NCSU
1990–1996 Associate Professor, NCSU
1985–1990 Assistant Professor, NCSU
1983–1985 Visiting Assistant Professor, NCSU
1999–2000 Professor, Chair of Microwave and Millimeterwave Electronics
  Director of the Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
  University of Leeds, United Kingdom
1977–1982 Tutor, University of Queensland, Department of Electrical Engineering, St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia
1977–1983 Part-Time Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

University Administration

University of North Carolina General Administration


College of Engineering (CoE)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)


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