Michael Steer

Graduate Research Students

As Chair (Ph.D.)

  1. Nehal Parikh, Ph.D., current
  2. Michael Chen, Ph.D., current
  3. Ian Kilgore, Ph.D., current
  4. Matthew Purvis, Ph.D., current
  5. Spencer Johnson, Ph.D., current
  6. Austin Pickles, Ph.D., current
  7. Josh Weatherington, Characterization of Passive Spectral Regrowth in Radio Frequency Systems, Ph.D., 2013.
  8. Vrinda Haridasan, Tunable Microwave Filter Design Using Thin-Film Ferroelectric Varactors, Ph.D., 2012.
  9. Mustafa Yelten, Variability and Reliability in Nanoscale Circuits: Simulation, Design, Monitoring, and Characterization, Ph.D., 2011.
  10. Christopher Saunders, Circuit-Field Interaction Modeling of Distributed Linear Circuits, Ph.D., 2011.
  11. Glenwood Garner, Design of Optimal Directional Parametric Acoustic Arrays in Air, Ph.D., 2011.
  12. Theodore Robert Harris, Electrothermal Simulation of Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits, Ph.D., 2011.
  13. Miaofu Ding, Highly Linear and Efficient Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers with a New Circuit Synthesis Technique, Ph.D., 2011.
  14. Jie Hu, Radio Frequency Front-End Measurement and Modeling, Ph.D., 2011
  15. Alan Victor, Microwave Power Oscillator Utilizing Thin-Film Ferroelectric Varactors, Ph.D., 2010.
  16. Jonathan Wilkerson, Passive Intermodulation Distortion in Radio Frequency Communication Systems, Ph.D., 2010.
  17. Greg Mazzaro, Time-Frequency Effects in Wireless Communication Systems, Ph.D., 2009.
  18. Frank Hart, Frequency-Domain Nonlinear Behavioral Modeling Using The Arithmetic Operator Method, Ph.D., 2009
  19. Jayesh Nath, Design and Characterization of Frequency Agile RF and Microwave Devices using Ferroelectrics, Ph.D., 2006
  20. Sonali Luniya, Transient Electrothermal Modeling of Digital and Radio Frequency Circuits, Ph.D., 2006
  21. Wonhoon Jang, Modeling Asymmetric Distortion in Multichannel Radio Frequency Communication Systems, 2006.
  22. Mark Buff, Characterization of Propagation on Wires over Lossy Earth, Ph.D., 2006.
  23. Nikhil Kriplani, Modelling Colored Noise under Large-Signal Conditions, Ph.D., 2005.
  24. Aaron Walker, Behavioral Modeling and Characterization of Nonlinear Operation in RF and Microwave Systems, Ph.D. 2005.
  25. Khaled Gharaibeh, Design Methodology for Multichannel Communication Systems , Ph.D., 2004.
  26. Steven Lipa, Frequency Stability in Distributed Latch Travelling Wave Oscillators, Ph. D., 2004
  27. Chris Hicks, Experimental and Electromagnetic Modeling of Waveguide-Based Spatial Power Combining Systems , Ph.D., 2002.
  28. Carlos Christofferson, Global Modeling of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits , Ph.D., 2000
  29. Steven G. Skaggs, Efficient Harmonic Balance Modeling of Large Microwave Circuits , Ph.D., 1999.
  30. Ahmed I. Khalil, Generalized Scattering Matrix Modeling of Distributed Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Systems , Ph.D., 1999.
  31. Mostafa N. Abdullah, Electromagnetic Modeling of Active Antennas with Application to Spatial Power Combining , Ph.D., 1999.
  32. Huan-Shen H. Hwang, A Two-Dimensional Quasi-Optical Microwave Power Combining System Based on a Dielectric Slab, Ph.D., 1997.
  33. Todd Nutesson, Electromagnetic Modeling of Quasi-Optical Power Combiners, Ph.D, 1996.
  34. Gregory Monahan, Characterization and Design of Millimeter Wave Quasi-Optical Power Combiners, Ph.D., 1995.
  35. Sharad Mehrotra, Automated Synthesis of High Speed Digital Circuits and Package-Level Interconnect, Ph.D, 1994.
  36. Hoda Boghdady, Modeling of High Speed Digital Systems using Transmission Line Modeling, Ph.D., 1993
  37. Patrick L. Heron, Modeling and Simulation of Coupling Structures for Quasi-Optical Systems, Ph.D., 1993.
  38. Phil Lunsford, The Frequency Domain Behavioral Modeling of Nonlinear Analog Circuits and Systems, Ph.D., 1993.
  39. Mark Basel, Simulation of High Speed Digital Circuit Interconnection Networks, Ph.D., 1993.
  40. Chao-Ren Chang, Computer Aided Analysis of Nonlinear Analog Microwave Circuits using Frequency Domain Spectral Balance, PhD., 1990.
  41. George W. Rhyne, Nonlinear Analysis of Microwave Circuits, Ph.D., 1988.

As Chair (Master of Science)

  1. Shivam Priyadarshi, Dynamic Electrothermal Simulation using Compact Macromodel of Standard Cells, M.S. 2010.
  2. Seung Kyun Heo, The Performance of Passive Lumped Microwave Elements, M.S. 2010
  3. JoAnna Vetreno, Analytic Models for Acoustic Wave Propagation in Air, M.S. 2007.
  4. Ravi Vijayaraghavan, Substrate Noise Analysis in RF Integrated Circuit, M.S., 2003.
  5. Kuldip Gothi, Interconnect Characterization and Design Study, M.S., 2003.
  6. Aditya Goswami, Implementation of Microwave Measurements using Novel Calibration Techniques, M.S., 2003.
  7. Rajesh Bollapragada, An Integrated Tool for High Speed Circuit Design Including Substrate Effects, M.S., 2003.
  8. Rahul Ghosh, Study of Different Microwave Calibration Techniques and Investigate Uncertainties in TRL Calibration, M.S., 2003.
  9. Mark Buff, Characterization Of Various Antenna Structures Used For Device Illumination, M.S. 2003
  10. Senthil Velu, Charge Based Modeling In State Variable Based Simulator, M.S. 2002.
  11. Sonali Luniya, SPICE Like Sparse Transient Analysis, M.S. 2002
  12. Ramya Mohan, Integration of Interconnect Models in a Circuit Simulator, M.S. 2002
  13. Houssam Kanj, Circuit-Level Modeling of Laser Diodes, M.S. 2003
  14. Rachana Shah, Investigations of Retrodirective Array Transponders, M.S. 2002.
  15. Jayanthi Suryanarayanan, Design and Fabrication of Toroidal Inductors for Mixed Signal Packaging, M.S. 2002
  16. Shubha Vijaychand, Time Step Control in Transient Analysis, M.S. 2002.
  17. Satish Uppathil, Layout Oriented Design Practice for Capturing Distributed Effects in High-Speed Circuits, M.S. 2002.
  18. Nikhil Kriplani, Transistor Modeling using Advanced Circuit Simulator Technology, M.S. 2002
  19. Nikolaos Vardalahos, Multipath Propagation in an Urban Environment, M.Sc., 2000.
  20. Shunmin Wang, Efficient Harmonic Balance Analysis of Microwave Circuits Using Iterative Matrix Solvers and Newton Updating, M.Sc, 1999
  21. Mete Ozkar, Transient Analysis of Spatially Distributed Microwave Circuits Using Convolution and State Variables, M.S., 1998
  22. Satoshi Nakazawa, Hierarchical Electromagnetic Modeling of Quasi-Optical Grid Amplifiers and Oscillators, M.S., 1999.
  23. Usman Mughal, Hierarchical Approach to Global Modeling of Active Antenna Arrays, M.S., 1999.
  24. Baribrata Biswas, Modeling and Simulation of High Speed Interconnects, M.S.,1998.
  25. Carlos Christoffersen, State-Variable Based Steady State Analysis of Microwave Circuits, M.S., 1998.
  26. Mark Summers, Simulation of a Quasi-Optical Grid Amplifier, M.S., 1997.
  27. Jaee Patwardhan, Modular Computer Aided Field Modeling of Spatial Power Combining Systems, M.S. 1997.
  28. Steve Lipa, Characterization of Multichip Modules, M.S., 1993.
  29. Cliff Barfield, Macromodeling of Digital Integrated Circuits for Printed Circuit Board Simulation, M.S., 1992.
  30. Jeff Kasten, Characterization of High Speed Digital Signals in Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards, M.S., 1992.
  31. Steve Goldberg, Experimental Characterization of Three-Port Devices, M.S., 1991.
  32. Steven Skaggs, Parameter Extraction of Microwave Transistors using Tree Annealing Optimization, M.S., 1991.
  33. Dan Winklestein, Transient Nonlinear Simulation of Transmission Line Systems, M.S., 1990.
  34. Jeyhan Karaoguz, Hierarchical Simulation of Communication Systems, M.S., 1989.
  35. Richard J. Bishop, Simulation of Delta-Sigma Modulators using a Nonlinear Z-Domain Simulator, M.S., 1989.
  36. Greg T. Brauns, Simulation of Delta-Sigma Circuits, M.S., 1988.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Zhiping Feng, 2005–2010.
  2. Nikhil Kriplani, 2006–2010.
  3. Sonali Luniya, 2006–2007.
  4. Wael Fathelbab, 2001–2006. South Dakota School of Mines, USA
  5. Khaled Gharaibeh, 2004–2005. Yarmouk University, Jordan
  6. Robert Johnson, 1999–2000. University of Leeds , UK
  7. Michael Roberts, 1999–2000. Filtronic plc., UK
  8. Carlos Christoffersen, 2000, Lakehead University , Canada
  9. Alexander Yakovlev, 1998–2001. University of Mississippi , USA
  10. Hector M. Gutierrez, 1997–1999. University of Florida, USA