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General Information

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Matthias F. (Matt) Stallmann he/him/his

Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206, USA

Tel.: +1 (919) 515-7978
Fax: +1 (919) 515-7896
E-mail: Matt UNDERSCORE Stallmann AT ncsu DOT edu

Office: 2302 EB II, near the Graduate Program offices,
but office hours via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Theoretical Computer Science versus Experimental Computer Science

In an easy chair
                                               reading Garey and Johnson                                     Looking geeky with a lab coat

Graduate Advising

Graduate Advising Office Hours (CSC Master's students only):

By appointment

Appointments are for academic advising only; all paperwork and administrative details are handled by the Graduate Office:

Make an appointment (10 minute slot)

Make appointments at least 24 hours in advance in case I need to reschedule.

To contact me by email (for grad advising), please use the alias.


Test tips Useful tips for taking tests and performing well academically.
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Wellness coaching Strategies for improving general health and well-being.
Wellness activities A variety of opportunities to enhance wellness.
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DGP resources page Some additional resources for graduate students.
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Student organizations A large variety of clubs, social and service oriented; two of the most active are WiCS (Women in Computer Science) and the Computer Science Grad Student Organization



My primary research interests are in combinational optimization with emphasis on dealing with intractability (NP-completeness), either by looking for polynomial special cases or developing heuristics that work well in practice. Current projects include

Software for download (or browsing)

Selected Publications.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: While I welcome an opportunity to work with you, I do not have any research assistantships available.

If you are interested in my research and would like to do an MS thesis or independent study project (starting with at least 3 credit hours of CSC 630), please make an appointment at your convenience. My projects require a strong background in design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, in software design, and a commitment to writing transparent and well-documented code in C, C++, Java, Python, etc.


Some of my views on academic integrity. Actually this is an FAQ for a programming course, but many of my answers apply more generally and illustrate my philosophy of teaching computer science.

About Me


I am a member and early service musician at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

HTELC has an active campus ministry. Weekly evening suppers provide a "home away from home" -- all are welcome (you don't have to be Lutheran).

Leisure Activities

Reading: non-technical books and articles (history, religion, politics, literature).

Music: playing violin, composing, arranging, and adapting hymn tunes and other tunes.
Here are some recordings, of pieces used in worship at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

An adventure in both graph theory and family history: the seven bridges of Koenigsberg are now the five bridges of Kaliningrad.
More travel pictures.

Biking: Berlin Sternfahrt: all major
                  highways closed to all but bicycle traffic. Standing next to a bike with the Mosel River
                  (Germany) in the background Standing next to a bicycle and looking at the Swiss town
        of Romont, on a hill in the distance.

Hiking and backpacking: with and without aid of llamas. on a trail with vista of the Italian Alps in
	                              the background The family standing next to a llama

Swimming: in cold water. Swimming in one of the Twin Lakes in the Eagle Cap
             Wilderness, eastern Oregon

Matthias (Matt) Stallmann (matt_stallmann AT