Research Funding

My research is supported by the National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, Sony Research, Laboratory for Analytic Sciences, RTP+KIETS, Plumgrid, and ORIED. Following are some of the grants that I have received.

  • Accurate Position Tracking Through Smart Fusion of Inertial Sensors with Ambient WiFi

Sony Research
  • WiFi based Indoor Mapping and Human Discovery

Army Research Office
  • Pervasive Gesture Recognition Using Ambient Light

National Science Foundation
  • Scalable Fine-Grained Cloud Monitoring for Empowering IoT

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

  • A Tool for Long Term Planning of Service Offerings in Smart Cities

Lab for Analytic Sciences, USA
  • Lighting up the Internet of Things with Visible Light Communication

Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development at NCSU
  • Characterizing Improvement in the Performance of Network Security Monitoring using IO-Visor

PLUMgrid Inc., USA