Note to Prospective Graduate Students

I receive a large number of emails from prospective students expressing interest in working with me. Unfortunately, I cannot reply to each email individually. If you are genuinely interested in working with me, please show that you have made an effort to learn about my research (for example, by reading and understanding at least one of my papers in detail or preferably by describing how your prior work is related to my areas of research), and I will definitely respond.

Current PhD Students

Raghav Venkatnarayan PhD (started in 2015)
Anirudh Ganji PhD (started in 2016)
Shaohu Zhang PhD (started in 2017)
Usman Mahmood Khan PhD (started in 2018)
Hassan Iqbal PhD (started in 2018)
Hassan Ali Khan PhD (started in 2018)

Graduated Students

Jamal Khan Masters 2018 (from Virginia Tech; co-advised with Dr. Ali R. Butt)
Aditya Virmani Masters 2017
Surabhi Boob Masters 2017
Prasesh Adina Masters 2017