Controlled Assembly and Optical Properties of 2D Latex Multilayers


O. D. Velev and N. D. Denkov, unpublished results (1992)


This page contains images from unpublished results from the experiments on the controlled formation of 2D crystalline latex multilayers. The multilayers were grown from latex suspensions of 1 m m in diameter microspheres. The cell for controlled radial growth allows precise manipulation of the speed of water evaporation (by fixing the temperature gradient across the top and bottom) and meniscus shape (by injecting or ejecting some suspension through the side channels).

Latex multilayers

Microphotograph of consecutively grown multilayers up to an 8-layer. The picture is taken at low magnification (the whole field of view is about 4 mm). The individual particles are not seen, the areas of different colors are different crystalline domains.


Latex particles 1-2-3-2-1 layers

Microphotograph of 2D arrays grown from a single layer up to a bi- and tri-layer and then back to monolayer. The lines are borders between domains of different crystalline orientation.


Diffracted light pattern

The domains with different orientation glow in different colors in diffracted light.


Single beam diffraction

A single collimated polychromatic beam passing through the 2D crystal is diffracted in the 6-fold pattern characteristic for the hexagonal 2D lattice.


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