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Dear applicants,


Thank you very much for your interest in a position with my group. I am also interested in attracting motivated, intelligent and hard-working postdoctoral associates. However, such appointments can only be made when funds for a new position are available. Any open position may be announced in the What's New section on my web-site.


You are very welcome to send me an application even if a position is not announced there, especially if your background and achievements are specifically well suited for research with my group. New openings are sometimes anticipated in the near future. I will try to respond if your letter demonstrates specific interest in working with me and my group. However, please excuse me if eventually you do not receive a formal response from me - this simply means that I do not have an open position.


Please note that the members of my group are required to possess good communication and interaction skills. Even if a position is available, poorly written, obscure, and mass-mailed applications are not likely to be successful. If possible, send PDF instead of Word files.


With best wishes for success,


Orlin Velev



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