Orlin D. Velev

Scholarly Metrics (May 2018)

203 peer-reviewed publications

More than 21,500 citations reported by Google Scholar, 15,200 reported by Web of Science database. 

H-index = 70 (Google scholar), 62 (Web of Science). 

Average citations/publication = 63.5. Publications cited more than 100 times = 42.

Graduate students advised or advising = 33 (of which 7 co-advised, 13 female).

PhD students graduated = 25.  Post-doctoral researchers and visiting scientists = 22.

Undergraduate researchers advised or advising = 81 (including 14 minority, 28 female).

Taught 28 undergraduate and 9 graduate classes at NC State (Average evaluation = 4.53/5).

238 invited, plenary and keynote presentations at international meetings, universities, companies and federal laboratories.


Scholarly and Professional Honors

Langmuir Lecture Award (ACS)                                                                                 2018

Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering (AIChE)   2017

R.J. Reynolds Company Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Extension (NCSU)  2017

Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS)                                                        2017

Dinesh O. Shah Annual Lecture in Surface Science (UFL)                                          2017

Chancellors' Innovation Fund Award (NCSU)                                                            2016

Springer 1st Colloid and Polymer Science Lecture Award (Springer)                           2014

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor (NC State University)                          2013

NC ACS 2013 Distinguished Speaker Award (NC ACS Section)                                 2013

Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS)                                                        2011

Innovator of the Year Award (NC State University)                                                     2011

Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award (NC State University)                      2011

Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award (NCSU)                        2010

NC State Univ. recognition for innovation and launching a startup company                 2010

Mercator visiting professorship (German Science Foundation)                                     2010

INVISTA named professorship (NC State University)                                                 2009

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation)       2006

NC State University Academy of Outstanding Teachers (NCSU)                                 2006

3M Nontenured Faculty Award (3M Company)                                                           2006

Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award (Sigma Xi NCSU Chapter)                                     2004

CAREER award (The National Science Foundation)                                                    2003

Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Award (Oak Ridge Associated Universities)                   2002

Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award
(Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation)                                                                     2001

Governmental award (gold medal) for academic excellence
(The Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education)                                                      1989

Governmental diploma for academic excellence
(The Bulgarian Ministry of Chemical and Biochemical Industry)                                   1989

First Award at the National Student Science and Creativity Competition (Bulgaria)        1989

Named governmental stipend for outstanding students (Sofia Univ., Bulgaria)       1987-1989

Bronze Medal from the International Chemistry Olympiad (Stockholm, Sweden)           1982

First Award at the Bulgarian National Chemistry Olympiad (Bulgaria)                            1982