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Current Graduate Students

    Name Degree Research Topic Expected Graduation
    Ms. Silvana Alfieri UG Researcher Life-cycle modeling and analysis of microalgae-based biofuel systems 2020
    Mr. Pedro Anchieta (visiting scholar 2016) BS Computer Science, U of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil Computational framework design and development for coupled CFD-LCA models for microalgae-based biofuel reactor optimization 2016
    Ms. Pilar Casatejada Gil (visiting scholar 2016) Master's degree, U of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil Design alternatives for passively conditioned low-cost housing in Brazil 2016
    Ms. Hana Chmielewski PhD (OR Program) Sustainable and Resilience Civil Infrastructure: An Interdisciplinary Model to Optimize Investment and Policy Planning in Water Utilities 2017
    NSF Doctoral Fellowship Recipient
    Ms. Megan Jaunich PhD Policy + technology effects in integrated waste management 2017
    GAANN Scientific Computation Fellowship Recipient
    Poole Fellowship, EREF

Former Graduates


    Name Degree/Year Research Topic Currently at ...
    Dan Loughlin MS 1995
    PhD 1998
    A Genetic Algorithm-based Optimization Model for Air Quality Management Research Scientist,
    Eric Solano MS 1996
    PhD 1999
    Life Cycle-Based Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Data Scientist, Independent Consultant
    Laura Harrell PhD 1998 Methods for Generating Alternatives to Manage Water Quality in Watersheds Hydraulic Analysis Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District
    [Was at Old Dominion Univ;
    NSF CAREER Awardee 2003]
    Sing Yi (Joshua) Fu PhD 1999 An optimization Approach for Conjunctive Use of Air Quality Models for Developing Cost-Effective Ozone Control Strategies Professor,
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Ken Harrison PhD 2002 Environmental Decision-Making Under Uncertainty Research Scientist,
    Christos Anastasiou PhD 2002 Development of a Decision Support Methodology for the Design of Animal Waste Management Strategies to Achieve Regional Environmental Objectives Dept Chair Civil Engineering
    Frederick University,
    Jason Dorn PhD 2004 Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) to Aid Watershed Management Partner,
    Gavel & Dorn Engr.
    Charlotte, NC
    Emily Zechman PhD 2005 Improving Predictability of Simulation Models using Evolutionary Computation-Based Methods for Model Error Correction Associate Professor,
    Ozge Kaplan MS, PhD 2006 A New Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methodology for Environmental Decision Support Research Scientist,
    Baha Mirghani PhD 2007 High Performance Computing and Environmental contaminant source characterization Systems Simulation and Optimization Specialist, CH2M Hill, Gainesville FL
    Michael Tryby PhD 2008 Contaminant Source Monitoring and Characterization in Water Distribution Systems Research Scientist
    US EPA, Cincinnati, OH
    Yong Jung PhD 2008 Evolutionary Computation based Pilot Point Methods for Subsurface Characterization Assistant Professor
    Wonkwang Univ, Korea
    Li Liu PhD 2009 Real-time Contaminant Source Characterization in Water Distribution Systems Associate Professor,
    School of Civil Engr.
    Hefei University of Technology, China
    Jitendra Kumar PhD 2010 Asynchronous Hierarchical Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Framework for Water Distribution Systems Analysis Research Staff,
    Oak Ridge National Lab
    Hui Wang PhD 2012 Improved Streamflow Forecasts in Adaptive Reservoir Operation Water Resources Systems Engineer
    Tampa Bay Water FL
    Jim Levis MS, PhD 2013 A Mathematical Programming Life-Cycle Assessment Model for Solid Waste Management Decision Making Research Asst Prof,

    [2014 AWMA Dissertation Award (1st Place) Winner]
    Brian Piper MS, PhD (OR Program) 2014 Optimization Methods for Improving the Resilience of Civil Infrastructure Systems Subject to Natural Hazards. Data Scientist
    Ms. Shahrzad Azizzadeh PhD (OR Program) 2016 Integrated systems modeling: Civil infrastructure resilience and natural hazards SAS


    Name Degree/Year Research Topic Currently at ...
    Kevin Neal MS 1995 A Decision Support System for the Development of Air Quality Management Strategies KCI Technologies
    Heather Hilderbrandt MS 1996 A Mixed Integer Approach for the Optimization of Air Quality Control Strategies and the Generation of Alternative Solutions  
    Bridget Kosmicki MS 1997 Evaluation of Alternative Solid Waste Management Strategies in the Presence of Parameter Uncertainty Software Engineer, LaserFiche, Compulink Management Center, CA
    Patsara Jermwiwatgul MS 1999 River Basin Water Quality Management Under Uncertainty Bangkok Environmental Management Agency, Thailand
    Dana Gillon MS 1999 Alternative Management Strategies for Air Quality Control Director of Information Technology
    Amey Parandekar MS 1999 Development of a Decision Support Framework for Integrated Watershed Water Quality Management and a Generic Genetic Algorithm Based Optimizer Principal Lead Program Manager, Microsoft
    Kishan Chetan MS 2000 Noninferior Surface Tracing Evolutionary Algorithm (NSTEA) for Multiobjective Optimization Product Management, Enterprise Software
    Harish Dakshina MCE 2000 Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Senior Manager
    Deloitte & Touche
    Tom Murray MS 2000 Application of the Water Quality Management Decision Support System (WQMDSS) in an illustrative watershed management study Project Manager, WK Dickson-Raleigh
    Charbel Kodaisy MCE 2000 Artificial Neural Network-based Modeling of Water Treatment Plant Operations AH Environmental Consultants, Inc.
    Ozge Kaplan MS 2001 Consideration of cost and environmental emissions of solid waste management under conditions of uncertainty Completed NCSU PhD Program; Research Scientist, US EPA, RTP
    Can (Jon) Kuterdem MS 2001 Integrated watershed management using a genetic algorithm-based approach Strategy Director, Samsung, Korea
    Prashant Pai MS 2001 Environmental implications of packaging material choice and associated solid waste management alternatives Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Innovation
    Verisk Analytics, NC
    Jim Halley MS 2002 Buffer Classification Framework (BCF): A Classification System Designed to Incorporate High Resolution Image and Topographic Data within a GIS for Riparian Buffer Management Chief Civil Engineer, Strata Solar, NC
    Alper Savas MCE 2003 Water treatment plant optimization Spirent Communications, NC
    Sunil Rao MS 2003 Tchebychef method-based evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimization Digital Analytics Director, Merkle, Inc., DC
    Partheepan Rajasooriyar MS 2003 Hybrid genetic algorithms E-Trade
    Kaite Wang MCE 2004 Evolutionary Algorithm-based Simulation-Optimization Application to Watershed Management AECOM, CA
    Rachel Smith MCE 2005 Uncertainty analysis in coliform modeling  
    Kyutae Lee MCE 2007 Life-cycle-based industrial/commercial waste management  
    Jessica Swanson MS 2008 Fuel Life-Cycle Analysis of Hydrogen vs. Conventional Transportation Fuels Withers & Ravenel
    Eiman Abbas MCE 2009 Hybrid evolutionary algorithms Water Engineer, CH2M Hill, FL
    Brian Piper MS (OR Program) 2009 A Decision Framework for Improving Resilience of Civil Infrastructure Systems Considering Effects of Natural Disasters Completed NCSU PhD program; Data Scientist
    Demandbase, CA
    Andrew McNamara MCE 2011 Road infrastructure damage assessment due to storm surge PhD Student in Computer & Network Security, CSC NCSU
    Danielle Touma MS 2011 A Quantitative Framework for Assessing the Effects of Climate and Land-use Change on Streamflow PhD Candidate, Stanford U
    Pamela Schooler MCE 2011 Stormwater management Engineering Consultant, Raleigh NC
    Janelle (Hygh) Griffin MS 2011 Implementing Energy Simulation as a Design Tool in Conceptual Building Design & Regression Analysis Project Manager, Dewberry Raleigh
    Maged Al-Gharably MS 2013 Multivariate Function-based Energy Assessment During Early Building Design Engineer, BEST General Contractor, U.A.E.
    Project Manager, PPMG Associates, New Orleans
    Rohan Manavi MR (OR Program) 2013 Computational implementation of solid waste optimization life cycle framework (SWOLF)  
    Ms. Hana Chmielewski MS 2013 Satisfying Multiple Priorities with a Diversity Preserving Evolutionary Algorithm PhD candidate, OR Program, NCSU
    Ms. Camila Anchieta (visiting scholar 2014) Master's degree, U of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil A design approach to improve energy performance: A case for shading alternatives to enhance thermal comfort in Brazilian low-cost housing PhD student, USP Sao Carlos, Brazil
    Ms. Ana Favretto (visiting scholar 2014) Master's degree, U of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil A design approach to improve energy performance: Construction material alternatives to enhance thermal comfort in Brazilian low-cost housing PhD student, USP Sao Carlos, Brazil
    Ms. Michele Rossi (visiting scholar 2014) Master's degree, U of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil A design approach to improve energy performance: Natural ventilitaion alternatives to enhance thermal comfort in Brazilian low-cost housing PhD student, USP Sao Carlos, Brazil
    Ms. Lydia Seabrook UG Researcher 2015/2016 Life-cycle modeling and analysis of microalgae-based biofuel systems Freese and Nichols, NC