Rebecca's Workbench: The Pet Projects of Rebecca O'Connell

Introduction and Project Outline

Hello, and welcome to my site. I have been a webmaster with the Materials Science and Engineering Department (MSE) for the past seven years. I am currently working on my Masters in Technical Communication. This site contains my various pet projects, and the instructional documents that have arisen from them.

Course Web Site Templates

Currently I have two Dreamweaver-ready course web site templates available. These can be downloaded and adapted to fit your needs, or, if you are in the MSE department, you can use Contribute to develop your course web pages.

Timesheet Project

Adding up times can be a pain, especially if you earn 7:50 of vacation leave each month, so I have been developing automated timesheets to do it for you. The automated SPA Timesheet and the automated BiWeekly Timesheet are finished and available for download here or from the department's Administrative web page.

Coding Projects

My coding projects (at least the kind I would post here) are primarily Applescripts. However, if I do write generally useful code in some other coding language, that project will go here as well.

Instructional Materials

This is where I share the fruits of my frustration (but only the good kind). Consequently, this section doesn't focus on any particular subject, but rather on whatever information I have discovered that I think is worth sharing.

Articles and Presentations by Rebecca O'Connell and Sandy Bjorkback