Research Projects

Students will work on smartphone security-related projects in groups of one or two (with approval). The amount of work should be appropriate to the group size. You will be graded on the basis of a project description, a final project report, and you final project presentation. The grade will be based on the following factors: novelty, depth, correctness, clarity of presentation, and effort.

Project Formatting: Unless otherwise specified, all project related assignments must be created in the LaTeX formatting program. Students must submit both .tex and .pdf files. All bibliographic entries should be managed using the BibTeX tool.

If you are unfamiliar with LaTeX, please review one of the several available tutorials online on its use and syntax. For reference, you can obtain a sample project LaTeX starter documenter here.

Project Grading

Project proposal paperFeb 2010%
Project proposal presentationFeb 14 and 165%
Project status reportMar 2525%
Informal progess updatesWeekly10%
Final project reportApr 2735%
Final project presentationApr 24 and 2615%

Project proposal (Feb 20)

3–5 page project description with 1-inch margins, single column, and 11-pt font.

Project proposal class presentation (Feb 14 and 16)

10 minutes per group, around 4 slides total on 1) Motivation, 2) Approach, 3) Benefits over existing work, 4) Schedule and Milestones

Project status report (Mar 25)

This report will be an early draft of your final project report. Create a template based on the instructions for the final report and include all sections. I expect the following sections to be well written: Abstract, Introduction, Overview of Approach. In this report it should be absolutely clear by now what you're doing in your project.

Next, the Protocol/Architecture/Design section should have some technical detail on your solution and a high-level architecture of your solution (I want to see that you have started hashing out some of the details), but I won't expect a polished writeup. Include details about what you have so far and what you're planning on completing for the final report. The remaining sections should have some placeholder text (such as bullets) showing that you're at least thinking about what will go in there. Evaluation should include your current plans for evaluation. Related work should contain a sizeable bibliography of papers related to your project.

Final project report (Apr 27)

Conference-quality project report due. 8–10 pages, 1-inch margins, single column, 11-pt font. Suggested outline:

Final project presentation (Apr 24 and 26)

20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A per group

Late reports?

Manage your time well, and start early!

You have an automatic 2-day extension for each of the project description, progress report, and final report. You will be penalized 25% for every day it is late beyond this extention. You are required to submit satisfactory versions of these reports within 8 days of the deadline to pass the class.

Project ideas

You can work on any project related to smartphone security. Please come talk to me for specific project ideas.