15th Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

Tuesday November 1, 2016

Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre
Associated with CASCON 2016


9:35-10:10Keynote Talk: Fuel Cognitive Era with Advanced POWER Acceleration Platform, Yaoqing Gao (IBM Canada Lab)
10:10-10:30Linearizability of Persistent Memory Objects, Joseph Izraelevitz (University of Rochester), Hammurabi Mendes (Davidson College), Michael L. Scott (University of Rochester).[slides]

10:30-10:45Coffee Break

Session 1 (10:45-12:05)
Open-Source, Language-Agnostic Compiler Technology for Eclipse OMR, Daryl Maier, J. Gregory Steffan (IBM Canada Lab). [slides]
An OMR JIT for Lua A Case Study in Simplified IL Generation Using OMR JitBuilder, Leonardo Banderali, Mark Stoodley (IBM Canada Lab). [slides]
Just-in-Time Static Analysis, Lisa Nguyen Quang Do (Fraunhofer IEM), Karim Ali (University of Alberta), Benjamin Livshits (Microsoft Research), Eric Bodden (Paderborn University and Fraunhofer IEM), Justin Smith, Emerson Murphy-Hill (North Carolina State University). [slides]
Just-in-Time Compilation to FPGAs: User-Transparent Translation of Machine Instructions to Hardware, Leslie Barron, Tarek S. Abdelrahman (University of Toronto).[slides]

1:00-2:00CASCON Keynote

Session 2 (2:10-3:30)
Symbolic Footprint, Dong Chen, Chencheng Ye, Chen Ding (University of Rochester).[slides]
GPGPU Offloading Performance in XL with OpenMP 4.5, Taylor Lloyd, Jose Nelson Amaral (University of Alberta), Ettore Tiotto (IBM Canada Lab). [slides]
Comprehensive Optimization of Parametric Kernels for Graphics Processing Units, Marc Moreno-Maza (University of Western Ontario). [slides]
On Control Flow Equivalence and its Utility in Program Optimization, Andrew Craik (IBM Canada Lab). [slides]

3:30-3:45Coffee Break

Session 3 (3:45-4:30)
Panel: Exiting Challenges and Opportunities to Compiler Research Brought by Emerging Computing Applications. Panelists: Jose Nelson Amaral (U of Alberta), Chen Ding (U of Rochester), Michael Hind (IBM Research at Watson), Gennady Pekhimenko (Microsoft Research).

Review Committee: Arpith C Jacob (IBM Watson), Daniel Neilson (IBM Canada Lab), Xipeng Shen (NCSU), Clark Verbrugge (McGill University).
Contact: Xipeng Shen
Web Assistant: Xinyi Li.